Introduction to Wastewater Treatment

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  • Define Sanitation and Wastewater
  • Learn the Importance of safe sanitation and wastewater treatment
  • Learn how wastewater treatment processes work
  • Identify challenges that hinder wastewater managment
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Every day, we use water for our basic needs, such as drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking, and laundry. However, by doing so, we generate every day millions of liters of wastewater which end up in the sewage network.

These sewage networks transport all wastewater to large facilities called wastewater treatment plants. where it undergoes complex transformations to make it less harmful to the receiving ecosystem.

Managing daily flows of millions of liters of wastewater can be challenging, as it threatens public health and ecosystems.

For a better understanding of how cities manage daily generated wastewater fluxes, we will discuss in this course the topics of sanitation, wastewater, and wastewater treatment from many angles.

To do so, we will use the following plan :


Chapter 1: Sanitation & hygiene

Chapter 2: Consequences and challenges of unsafe sanitation

Chapter 3: Wastewater characterization

Chapter 4: Importance of wastewater treatment

Chapter 5: Basic concepts of wastewater treatment

Chapter 6: Wastewater treatment processes

Chapter 7: Challenges of wastewater treatment


By the end of this course, you should be able to have a better understanding of domestic wastewater management works and the importance of safe sanitation.

I hope you enroll & enjoy the course!

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keywords: water management, water conservation, water treatment, health, engineering, sustainability, ESG

Important Notice:

This course has been prepared with a specific audience in mind: learners looking for general knowledge about urban wastewater, the dangers of unsafe sanitation, wastewater treatment … and does not delve into engineering design and calculations of wastewater treatment.

That’s why:

The course is suited for general public and provides high quality and concentrated knowledge about the importance of safe sanitation and how wastewater treatment works.

The course is not suited for professionals, engineers and researchers looking for calculations and designs of wastewater treatment processes.

(No artificial intelligence tools (chatgpt, generative ai, prompts ..) were used in the development of this course, I believe this is important for providing an original learning experience for students).

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in sanitation & wastewater treatment & management
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