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Impodays helps you find the best online courses from many providers on any subject, wherever they exist.

Our mission is to make online education accessible to everyone. Impodays.com is a listing of online courses. We aggregate courses from multiple providers to make it simple to locate the best courses on almost any subject, regardless of where they are offered. No matter what you want to learn, it’s likely that we have a course in our catalog that will meet your needs. Impodays allows you to find courses, review courses you’ve taken (and read reviews from others), follow universities, subjects, and courses to receive personalized updates, and plan and track your learning.

We specialize in aggregating online and distance education programs from the largest and most reputable institutions. Impodays is a remote organization.

Our goal is to make online education work for everyone, so we’re constantly working on new features. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to make Impodays.com more useful.

Impodays blog

In addition to finding the best online courses, we publish review articles on a variety of topics to assist you in understanding and finding the best courses for your needs.

Visit our blog section to read articles on the best course reviews. We also offer 100% free coupons for paid courses that are offered on udemy.com. Udemy.com does not publish coupons on their official site, but they allow instructors to create 100% free coupons for their courses. We collect those coupons from particular instructors and publish them on impodays.com.


We have 100+ instructors who publish online courses on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, EdX, etc. If you need to find instructors and their biographies, please visit our authors page.

Kalhara Sandaruwan

Founder /CEO

Kalhara discovered a passion for education during his time as an undergraduate student in electronic and computer systems at SLIIT. When top universities began offering free online courses, Kalhara created a one-page website to keep track of them. Impodays is the go-to site for finding all the free courses in one place. He has a large community regarding free online courses on Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, he currently manages a Udemy coupon publishing website. 

Here are the social communities Kalhara has to publish free online courses: 


Arthur Fong

instructor/Master of Applied Science in Artificial Intelligence

Hello, I’m Arthur Fong, a seasoned programming instructor with over 10 years of experience teaching various programming languages. As a Udemy course instructor, I’ve successfully guided thousands of students towards mastering their coding skills and enhancing their understanding of computer science.

With my extensive knowledge in computer science-related subjects, I’m dedicated to empowering students to thrive in the ever-evolving tech industry. My teaching approach is tailored to suit each student’s unique learning style, ensuring they gain confidence in their coding abilities and reach their full potential.

In addition to being an accomplished educator, I also run a website that publishes Udemy coupons, granting students access to top-quality courses at affordable prices. My mission is to bridge the gap between skill development and budget constraints, allowing everyone to benefit from the transformative power of education.

By choosing my courses, you can trust that you’re in the capable hands of a skilled and passionate teacher, committed to helping you achieve success in your programming journey.


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