The Complete Talking Head Video Production Masterclass

Video Production - Building Confidence on Camera for Video Marketing - Filmmaking - Videography - Cinematography
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Created by TJ Walker

What you'll learn

  • Produce video with professional looking talk head segments
  • Speak effectively on camera
  • Produce video, TV, movies, and online content with compelling so-camera performances
  • Master the non-technical aspects of video production
  • Direct professional and non-professional on-camera talent
  • Be able to direct and produce yourself for your own on-camera videos
This course includes:
17.5 total hours on-demand video
3 articles
7 downloadable resources
325 lessons
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion

Course content


  • Willingness to Use a Video Camera
  • A need or desire to start a Video Production soon


Video production. There are thousands of online video production courses, so why should you enroll in this one? This is the longest, most comprehensive, and most in depth video production course in the world on the specific niche of how to make human beings come across their best when they are speaking on video.

The missing ingredient in so many video productions is having a compelling, interesting, engaging human being speaking. So many courses on video production get lost in the details of lighting, editing software, and the latest technology with video cameras. Of course, all of those things are important, but if all you do is focus on the technology you can still end up with the boring, lifeless, and uninteresting video.

If you are only going to take one video production course, then this should not be your course. But if you’re serious about producing high-quality video then you should take this course in addition to others that cover all the basics of the technical aspects of video production. Frequently, great video production features compelling human beings speaking on camera. If all you do is obsess over lighting, graphics and animation you’re doomed to create a mediocre video.

If you are creating videos for online courses, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, email marketing, website content, etc. then you are likely featuring yourself or somebody else speaking on camera. You need to know how to make that person come across great. Because if you have great lighting, great editing and beautiful fonts, none of that matters if the person speaking on video seems flat, or bored, or boring, or uninteresting, or low energy, or bland.

If your video production is going to be high-quality then you need to know how to direct talent speaking on camera, even if you are your own talent. This course is longer and more in depth on the subject of directing talent and than any other video production course on this platform.

Message from the instructor: “I’ve been producing videos with experts, politicians, CEOs, and business leaders around the world for more than 30 years. Most people are simply not great at speaking in a convincing way in front of a video camera. They must be directed, coached, and advised in a certain way to make them look and sound their best. In this course, I share with you all the secrets I’ve learned from coaching more than 10,000 executives before their media and on camera experiences.” TJ Walker

Please note: this course is not designed for video producers who are exclusively focused on cartoons, animation, special effects, and pure image-based video productions.

This course is meant to supplement at least one other course of your choosing that covers all the technical aspects of video production.

Technicians, editors, and production assistants are increasingly seen as a commodity in today’s worldwide video production employment marketplace. If you want your video production skills to really stand out and for you to be seen as a first class producer then you need to know how to be a great director and to bring out the most compelling presentations from anyone speaking on camera in your video production. This course will teach you how.

Here is what Udemy students say about this course:

“Full of great information, without the fluff. Great instructor, and great presentation.” David Lee

“Direct, well-organized, motivated facilitator, great course!” Brenda Newby

“Lessons are short but packed with information. This course covers much more topics than I expected. Lectures are interesting to watch, easy to understand and all of them could be used to improve any video with talking heads. Great course!” Tihon Sergeenko

If you are ready to bring your video production skills up to a whole new advanced level, then enroll in this course right now.

Who this course is for:

  • Video producers
  • Directors
  • Online trainers
  • Subject matter experts
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Professional speakers
  • Trainers
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