Advanced Adobe After Effects: Become VFX & Motion Expert

Advanced Motion Graphics: Create Explainer Videos, Character Animation & More
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What you'll learn

  • Advanced Compositing Techniques: Dive into techniques like compositing fire, smoke, explosions, and other visual effects.
  • Advanced Animation Principles: Deepen your understanding of animation principles, such as timing, anticipation.
  • Motion Graphics Design Principles: Understand the core concepts of motion graphics design to create visually compelling and engaging animations.
  • Project Management & Organization: Gain valuable tips for organizing your After Effects projects efficiently
  • Creating Explainer Videos: Learn the process of creating engaging explainer videos using After Effects for animation and motion graphics.
This course includes:
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13 lessons
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Unleash Your Inner VFX & Motion Graphics Master: Advanced After Effects

Ready to take your After Effects skills to the next level? This comprehensive course equips you with advanced techniques and workflows to create stunning visual effects (VFX) and captivating motion graphics that elevate your projects.

Whether you’re a seasoned video editor, aspiring animator, or motion graphics designer, this course empowers you to:

  • Master advanced compositing techniques: Learn green screen keying, rotoscoping, compositing elements for seamless integration.

  • Craft professional motion graphics: Create dynamic animations, titles, and transitions that enhance your storytelling.

  • Animate characters and logos: Breathe life into your designs with advanced animation principles and techniques.

  • Work with 2D and 3D elements: Explore the power of combining After Effects with Cinema 4D Lite for enhanced visual impact.

  • Optimize your workflow for efficiency: Discover time-saving plugins, expressions, and scripting for a streamlined After Effects experience.

This course goes beyond theory, offering:

  • Project-based learning: Apply your newfound skills through real-world project examples like compositing a green screen interview, animating a character explainer video, and creating dynamic motion graphics for a website.

  • In-depth explanations: Delve into complex concepts with clear, step-by-step tutorials and expert guidance.

  • Industry-standard practices: Learn professional compositing and motion graphics workflows used in film, television, and web design.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Confidently create professional-grade VFX and motion graphics

  • Impress clients and employers with your advanced After Effects skills

  • Build a portfolio that showcases your VFX and motion graphics expertise

This course is packed with:

  • Actionable lessons and downloadable resources

  • High-quality video tutorials with clear audio

  • Access to a supportive online community

Don’t settle for average. Enroll today and become a VFX & Motion Graphics Master!

Who this course is for:

  • Motion Graphics Designers: Expand your skillset with advanced animation techniques, compositing workflows, and character animation in After Effects.
  • Video Editors & Post-Production Professionals: Elevate your video projects by learning professional-grade visual effects compositing and creating dynamic motion graphics.
  • Animators with After Effects Experience: Deepen your understanding of animation principles and techniques to create more complex and engaging animations.
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