Scenario Planning Mastery: Visualizing Alternative Futures

Add a valuable strategic technique to your toolkit: Foreseeing how your future "business landscape" could change
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Created by Woody Wade

What you'll learn

  • How to see the big picture for your organization – and understand how it could change
  • How to visualize alternative ways your future could realistically turn out
  • How to identify the critical uncertainties that will shape the future of a business, industry, or country
  • How to generate a portfolio of contrasting but plausible future “landscapes”, for any organization
  • How to develop ideas and strategic initiatives that would be successful in each future scenario
  • How to think like a far-sighted decision maker
  • How to avoid unrealistic expectations based on linear thinking
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Course content


  • General business know-how is helpful but not necessary


The aim of this course is to help you visualizeand understandyour future.

It is based on the course in scenario planning I teach in the Master’s program in Future Foresight and Planning at Rochester Institute of Technology‘s Dubai campus – but with some extra tidbits from my bestselling books on this fascinating technique.

Why should you want to visualize your future? Because as a decision maker, you need to understand not just that the future will be different (we all know this), but how the future will be different – specifically, the future “business landscape” for your organization.

The reason this is so important is that you have to make decisions and plans today that will only play out at some point in the future – a future that right now is unknowable (but we do know that it will not be exactly like today). The success of your organization may depend on how good those decisions and plans are – even though you have no choice but to make them before knowing with certainty how your future environment will unfold, i.e. the terrain in which the decisions will be implemented and bring results.

Scenario planning is a highly practical technique to foresee how this future business landscape could evolve – and potentially in different directions. It is not about predicting the future but exploring alternative futures – each of which could realistically emerge. Its practical value is clear: by helping you foresee different ways your particular market or business terrain could change, you’re in a better position to make effective long-term plans today.

This Udemy course walks you step-by-step through the process of generating future scenarios for an organization, a product, an industry – even an entire country. The process is structured and logical, and yet very creative.

Join me for an eye-opening learning experience!I guarantee it will add a very valuable technique to your managerial toolkit.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with responsibility for the future success of an organization of any kind
  • Strategy or planning professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Entrepreneurs, especially founders or investors in start-ups
  • Students of business or economics

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