FFmpeg | Batch Modify Thousands of Videos Quickly and Easily

Video Editing — Landscape, portrait, crop, scale, trim, combine, overlays, frames, subtitles, & more in minutes!
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What you'll learn

  • The quickest, fastest, and most useful introduction to the free FFmpeg app.
  • Learn how to modify hundreds or thousands of videos with just a few keystrokes.
  • Landscape, portrait, crop, scale, trim, combine, add overlays, frames, and subtitles, change bitrate, and more.
  • Best practices and batch video processing.
This course includes:
1.5 total hours on-demand video
10 articles
1 downloadable resources
31 lessons
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Course content


  • No prior technical knowledge needed.
  • You need a computer to run FFmpeg (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc.)


VIDEO EDITING — Learn how to modify hundreds or thousands of videos with just a few keystrokes using the free FFmpeg app.

This is the quickest, fastest, and most useful introduction to FFmpeg.

Convert landscape to portrait, portrait to landscape, crop, scale, or trim, change bitrate, add overlays, watermarks, or frames, add subtitles, combine videos or add intros and outros, and more.

Yes, it’s all possible with just a few keystrokes using a magical app called FFmpeg.

FFmpeg is free to use and we’ll show you how in minutes.

Save Time and Money

We developed this video editing course to help save you hundreds or even thousands of hours of time when working with videos.

If you’re spending time repurposing videos for multiple social media platforms and other purposes, this course is for you.

Watch the course video to see this in action!

Win New Clients or a Promotion

You will gain a valuable skill that can help you win new clients, new jobs, or earn a promotion. Very few video editors have this skill.

Super-Fast Learning

This course is designed to get you using FFmpeg video editing as quickly as possible. There are no deep technical concepts to learn or quizzes to test your knowledge.

In less than one hour, we’ll show you how to use FFmpeg— a magical video app that can save you thousands and thousands of dollars on production costs.

And the FFmpeg app is completely free— it’s open-source software. And you can run it on a new or old computer.

Why is FFmpeg so amazing?

Let’s say you have a video that is in landscape format and you want to convert it to portrait.

What most people do is import the video into a video editing program, like Adobe Premier, Davinci Resolve, or iMovie, make some adjustments, and then republish. It’s pretty easy, no problem.

But what if you have several videos to edit? What if you have dozens of videos? What if you have hundreds or thousands of videos?

Now it’s a problem.

You’ll have to grind through hours and hours of time trying to repeat the process or spend hours trying to learn about special scripting features that may or may not be available in your video editing app.

That’s what we used to do – until we discovered FFmpeg.

With FFmpeg, we can copy and paste the command we need – then boom let it run.

Hundreds of videos can be processed at the same time with just a few keystrokes.  We can walk away and come back when it’s done. Or move the window to the background while we work on other tasks.

Scripts That Are Ready to Use

In this course, we have collected the most commonly needed video processing functions. And we provide you with the exact commands that you can copy and paste.

We also include an explainer video for every command to make it super-easy to understand.

We’ve Done All the Work For You

It took us a lot of time and effort to research, test, and organize the content for this course. Because, when you first look at FFmpeg, it’s very intimidating.

There’s no nice user interface to make it easy.  And most people who use FFmpeg tend to be highly technical, so the few guides and YouTube videos that are available on the Internet are not easy to follow.

This is why most people have never even heard of FFmpeg — and why they are missing out on its amazing features.

We’re both engineers who’ve been in the tech industry for over 25 years and it took us a lot of time to figure it all out.

But you don’t have to.  We’ve made it so easy with step-by-step instructions, that you’ll be processing your first video within 30 minutes or less. We even designed the course so you don’t have to go through all of it. You can pick and choose the commands you need whenever you need them.

Become An Instant Expert

This video editing course is designed for people who want to immediately start using FFmpeg to process videos.

It’s not designed to teach you heavy technical concepts and jargon.

You will soon feel like a video editing expert who can process thousands of videos with a few keystrokes while having a cup of coffee, relaxing as FFmpeg does all the work for you.

Watch the course video to see this in action!

Let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • For anyone who needs to process dozens, hundreds, or thousands of videos quickly and easily.
  • For anyone who wants to immediately start using FFMPEG to process videos.
  • Not designed to teach you heavy technical concepts and jargon.
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