Enhance Lightroom Editing with the Luminar Neo Plugin

Start With Adobe Lightroom Classic Photo Editing and Empower Your First Masterpieces With the Luminar Neo Plugin
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What you'll learn

  • What plugins are and how they can assist in photo editing with Lightroom Classic
  • Variety of popular plugins for Lightroom Classic
  • How to start with plugins for Lightroom Classic (installing and beginning the work)
  • The interface of Lightroom Classic and the Luminar Neo plugin
  • Influence of different adjustments on photos (from basic to advanced)
  • How to practically set up White Balance, Tone, and Presence adjustments in Lightroom Classic and enhance them with the Luminar Neo plugin
  • The way of using the Tone Curve, HSL/Color, Color Grading, and Detail adjustments in Lightroom Classic with the Luminar Neo plugin
  • Possibilities of using masking in photo editing and practical experience on how to use the AI Masking Luminar Neo feature
  • How to work with Lens Corrections, Transform, Effects, and Calibration adjustments in Lightroom Classic
  • Benefits of using layers in photo editing and understanding how to use them in the Luminar Neo Plugin
  • Why photos need to be cropped and how to do so practically with the Luminar Neo plugin
  • How to combine different adjustments from Lightroom Classic and the Luminar Neo plugin
  • AI Luminar Neo plugin features to art photos or edit portrait photography
  • Presets as a quick way to improve photos
  • Different extensions for the Luminar Neo plugin
This course includes:
2.5 total hours on-demand video
0 articles
5 downloadable resources
27 lessons
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Course content


  • To have a laptop or computer that is able to support the Adobe Lightroom Classic and Luminar Neo plugin system requirements
  • To have access to Adobe Lightroom Classic and Luminar Neo plugin


Welcome to the “Enhance Lightroom Editing with the Luminar Neo Plugin” course on Skylum’s Udemy channel.

This course is for everyone who would like to start making comprehensive photos in Lightroom Classic but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time on editing.

Photographers, designers, SMM specialists, artists, influencers, and anyone who has wanted to start with editing for many years—it’s your time. We know that some effects might require many actions to achieve them, which could be hard for beginners without overwhelming experience. But how do you stay competitive in this realm? Just use plugins. It’s a kind of tool focused on bringing certain functions into your usual workflow.

In this course, we will teach you to edit with Lightroom Classic and show you how the Luminar Neo plugin can complete your Lightroom edits or replace them with faster ones. You watch only one course but equip yourself with two powerful instruments: Lightroom Classic and the Luminar Neo plugin.


  • Understanding Editing Instruments

We’ll begin by acquainting you with the Lightroom Classic interface, providing a firm foundation for your editing endeavors. You’ll also gain insights into the world of plugins and discover why they are so beneficial for you as an editor. We show you the Luminar Neo plugin and how to seamlessly integrate it into your workflow.

  • Mastering the Basics

You will learn the art of basic adjustments, including white balance, tone, and presence panels in Lightroom Classic and the Luminar Neo plugin. We will also explore the convenience of presets to effortlessly enhance your photos. You will unlock the magic of AI masking to precisely target your edits in the Luminar Neo plugin.

  • Professional Editing Concepts

We will dive deeper into more advanced editing techniques, including layers and crop AI tools. You will see in practice such adjustments as the tone curve, HSL/color, color grading, and detail. We will also show how to use such features as lens corrections, calibration, transforms, and effects.

  • Refining Your Editing Skills

You will discover how to take your portrait editing to the next level using the Luminar Neo AI Portrait Tools. We will immerse you in Luminar Neo’s creative AI tools that turn your photos into stunning works of art.


Vanelli — is a working sports and portrait photographer, educator, and author living in Florida. As an experienced educator, Vanelli has created videos for LinkedIn Learn, written hundreds of articles, taught at major photography conferences, and developed many photography and digital workflow programs, including Click for Kids. Currently, he is the Director of Education at Skylum Software, teaching workshops, writing for Photofocus, and creating tutorials for the Vanelli and Friends series.


  • We make world-renowned photo editing software since 2009 that helps elevate the creativity of photo artists. Since then, Skylum won many industry awards, and, what’s more important — the trust of thousands of customers.

  • Skylum thrives for innovation, and has won industry awards, including Best Mac App of 2017, EISA Best Product 2019-2020, Outdoor Photographer Editors’ Picks, The LUCIE Technical Awards for Best Software Plugin 2019, TIPA World Awards for Best Imaging Software 2019.2020 Editor’s Choice by Macworld for Luminar 4.

  • Luminar Neo is the latest AI photo editing software from Skylum. Editing photos in Luminar Neo has made photography post-processing easier than ever. In this course, we’ll show you how to use Luminar Neo and how to edit photos in Luminar Neo to achieve stunning results.

  • Our instructors have years of experience not only in editing but also in teaching, and the syllabus of this course has been meticulously developed to be both easy to follow and comprehensive.


  • Theory: 2+ hours of lectures with plenty of hands-on examples. Lessons range from 3 to 15 minutes and are easy to follow

  • Practice Materials: detailed step-by-step checklists, an archive of photos, and some practical lessons to make the course more interactive and valuable

  • Lifetime access to the course and any future updates

  • Students’ Support: If you have questions, we will be willing to answer

  • Complete the course and receive an Udemy certificate


This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Join us on this exciting journey to elevate your Lightroom editing skills with the Luminar Neo plugin. Enroll today and take your photos to the next level!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who is seeking ways to start with photo editing in Lightroom Classic
  • Someone who has a basic background in Lightroom Classic editing but wants to structure their knowledge and find some tips on how to edit the photo
  • Editors who are experienced with other tools and want to quickly learn new features to make their editing more comprehensive
  • Influencers who want to make more professional photos to engage their audience
  • SMM specialists, designers, and digital artists who search for ways to make their visuals better
  • Anyone who wants to learn to edit photos
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