What is a ChatGPT prompt?

A ChatGPT prompt is a phrase or instruction you give the ChatGPT AI model to generate a response. Prompts can be anything from a question, statement, or other words intended to spark creativity, “thought,” or engagement.

For example, you might use ChatGPT prompts for cover letters to get ideas for how to craft a standout resume. Prompts can include:

  • Create a template for an accountant’s resume with ten years of experience. Include sections for accomplishments, skills and certifications.
  • Design a modern-looking cover letter tailored to a graphic design position. Showcase the applicant’s creativity and technical expertise.
  • Develop a compelling elevator pitch for an IT job that grabs the attention of potential employers.

What is ChatGPT prompt engineering?

ChatGPT prompt engineering is the practice of crafting prompts that effectively instruct ChatGPT to generate outputs. In order to accurately guide ChatGPT’s responses, you need to understand its behavior and adjust your wording accordingly.

For example, if you want to generate a list of potential career paths for a history student, your first instinct might be to start with something really simple, such as: “Generate a list of potential career paths for a history student.”

While this input might come up with a variety of generic responses, the outputs may lack personalization, and may not be relevant to the specific student you’re thinking of.

ChatGPT prompts for resumes

Ready to give ChatGPT a try? Here are some excellent, pre-engineered ChatGPT resume writing prompts:

  1. Create a one-page resume for an executive assistant position, highlighting impressive organizational and administrative skills.
  2. Develop a professional summary statement that effectively summarizes experience in marketing and communications.
  3. Create a personalized cover letter tailored to a job in customer service, expressing the candidate’s enthusiasm and commitment to the role.
  4. Describe an impressive accomplishment for a medical assistant role that sets this applicant apart from other candidates.
  5. Summarize a unique skill set for an HR manager role that reflects the candidate’s ability to lead and motivate teams.
  6. Write an education section for a resume emphasizing a candidate’s passion for data science and analytics.
  7. Write a 200-word introduction for a resume highlighting the candidate’s qualifications and accomplishments in law.

ChatGPT prompts for marketing

Are you a marketer looking for ways to drive creativity and productivity? Try these awesome ChatGPT prompts:

  1. Generate five creative strategies for launching a new cocoa butter lotion product. The product is made with natural ingredients in small batches. The target audience is mothers aged 30-40.
  2. Design a comprehensive social media campaign for launching a new Greek restaurant chain, including ideal post frequency and creative content ideas. The restaurant is located in Vancouver, BC, and its specialty dish is lemon potatoes.
  3. Generate a list of 10 customer outreach topics that can be used to engage with potential buyers of a product or service.
  4. Develop a campaign slogan for an ecommerce store selling handmade jewelry that conveys the company’s sense of style, quality and values.
  5. Write five email subject lines that are designed to increase open rates for an e-commerce store.
  6. Generate suggestions for five influencer campaigns that will help a sustainable clothing company reach their target market of Gen Z and millennial customers.

ChatGPT prompts for writing

Writer’s block, beware. These ChatGPT prompts for writing will help you generate ideas and get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Develop a compelling thesis statement for an argumentative essay about climate change.
  2. Generate five plot points for a mystery novel set in small-town America. The main character is a retired detective who is solving the murder of an old friend.
  3. Create three characters for a science-fiction novel set in space. The story focuses on their quest to find a new home and save their species from extinction.
  4. Develop a list of 10 potential titles for a non-fiction book about leadership. The book’s author has experience leading a team in the healthcare industry.
  5. Develop three examples of figurative language that could be used to enhance a descriptive essay about a magical forest.
  6. Create five questions for an informational interview with a successful entrepreneur to learn more about their journey and tips for success.
  7. Generate five unique topics for a magazine article about trends in education. Create three compelling arguments.
  8. Brainstorm ten potential titles for a romantic comedy about two coworkers who fall in love while working at a tech startup.

ChatGPT prompts for small business

Small business owners are always on the lookout for time-saving techniques. Here are some excellent ChatGPT prompts for small business owners:

  1. Design an employee onboarding program for a pet food store that includes training, job responsibilities, expectations, and closing duties.
  2. Generate five ideas for cost-effective print marketing strategies that will help promote a local landscaping business.
  3. Create three product bundles that maximize value for customers of a home décor boutique.
  4. Design an effective customer loyalty program for a pharmacy that rewards repeat customers.
  5. Write a mission statement for an online yoga studio that expresses the company’s commitment to providing accessible and affordable classes.
  6. Generate five email subject lines demonstrating value for subscribers of a subscription box service.
  7. Write three customer service scripts designed to resolve common customer inquiries quickly and efficiently.

ChatGPT prompts for content creation

Don’t let content creation bottleneck your brand. Generate more great content by using these ChatGPT prompts:

  1. Design five unique topics for Instagram stories that will engage followers of a fitness brand.
  2. Create three Pinterest board ideas that showcase the benefits of a nutrition coaching program.
  3. Develop ten blog post ideas that promote an event planning business’s services and expertise.
  4. Generate five creative TikTok video scripts for promoting a vegan bakery’s product line.
  5. Develop five potential YouTube video ideas for introducing a new beauty brand to viewers.
  6. Create three compelling topics for Twitter or Threads about personal finance aimed at young professionals.
  7. Design a content calendar for Facebook that includes posts, polls, tagging opportunities and video content.
  8. Generate five creative ideas for a podcast series focusing on real estate development in Toronto.

ChatGPT prompts for web development

Web developers rejoice! These ChatGPT prompts for web development will help you come up with content ideas and strategies for building better websites:

  1. Create three navigation menus that are optimized for user experience. The menus should be designed to guide users through a doctor’s website quickly and seamlessly.
  2. Design three calls-to-action that can be used to increase conversions for an e-commerce store.
  3. Design two optimized contact forms to collect emails from B2B clients in the automotive manufacturing industry.
  4. Write five tips for using an SEO plugin correctly to maximize website visibility and rankings.
  5. Create a landing page outline for a mobile banking app designed to attract younger users.
  6. Write conversion-focused copy for two content pages that can be used to showcase a luxury car dealership’s inventory and services.
  7. Develop four ideas for interactive features that would enhance the user experience of a restaurant’s website.
  8. Write five tips for creating an intuitive and attractive homepage that will help draw visitors to a real estate company’s website.

ChatGPT prompts for social media marketing

Social media managers, listen up. These ChatGPT prompts for social media marketing will help you create great content and engage your audience:

  1. Design five creative hashtags that can be used to promote a new clothing line on Instagram.
  2. Write three captions ideas for Instagram, promoting a coffee shop’s latest feature beverage, the Mocha Matcha Latté.
  3. Create two promotional posts that highlight the advantages of using a beauty subscription box service.
  4. Develop five ideas for using polls on Facebook to engage users and encourage them to learn more about a home decoration business.
  5. Create a three-month content calendar for an animal rescue organization. Focus on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. The verticals the rescue wants to focus on include raising awareness, adoption stories, and foster highlights.
  6. Develop a series of Tweets or Threads about the importance of sustainability in fashion. This series will be posted by a sustainable yoga-wear brand.
  7. Design five social media ads that promote the features of a new fitness app. The ads should target a younger, tech-savvy audience.
  8. Generate four ideas for using Stories on Instagram to showcase the benefits of using a meal delivery service.

ChatGPT prompts for education

While ChatGPT can’t replace teachers, it can help create great teaching materials. Try out these ChatGPT prompts for education:

  1. Design a math lesson plan for grade 4 students focusing on basic algebra.
  2. Create three activities to teach English nouns to adult non-native speakers.
  3. Develop five discussion questions about world history that focus on the events of the 20th century.
  4. Write three science experiments that illustrate the properties of water.
  5. Create a worksheet to teach French verb conjugation to middle school students.
  6. Generate five essay prompts focusing on the impacts of climate change in Canada.
  7. Develop two interactive activities to teach older elementary school children about the solar system.
  8. Generate four discussion questions about the current state of US politics for use with a group of fifth graders.
  9. Design three quiz questions focusing on world geography for a group of eighth graders.

ChatGPT prompts for project management

Scrambling to keep your projects on brand, on budget, and on time? These ChatGPT prompts for project management will help you get organized and stay on track:

  1. Create a list of tasks that need to be completed, along with a timeline for their completion, in order to launch a redesigned website for a dental office.
  2. Generate five ideas for using agile methodology to manage an online marketing campaign for a local record store.
  3. Develop a project plan for creating and launching an email newsletter campaign targeting new customers of a hardware store.
  4. Write four KPIs that can be used to measure the success of a mobile banking app development project.
  5. Create an outline for developing comprehensive user documentation for a software as a service (SaaS) product.
  6. Design five content buckets that can be used to organize the content of a print magazine for an international audience.
  7. Write three steps for setting up a project tracking system that will help manage workflow and productivity.
  8. Generate four ideas for using scrum methodology to develop an interactive online course focused on personal finance management.

ChatGPT prompts for healthcare

Healthcare professionals can use ChatGPT to generate great content and ideas for patient education. Try out these ChatGPT prompts for healthcare:

  1. Create three blog posts that explain the importance of preventive care and wellness exams.
  2. Design four video script ideas focusing on common medical procedures, such as vaccinations or physical therapy.
  3. Generate five infographic ideas for explaining the basics of mental health and how to cope with stress.
  4. Write a series of Facebook posts providing visitors to a medical website with tips on healthy eating habits.
  5. Develop five quiz questions that can be used to test patients’ knowledge about the benefits of choosing an in-network provider.
  6. Design two email campaigns focusing on common skin conditions and how to look after aging skin.
  7. Create an acronym for sun safety that parents can use to help remind their children of important tips for sun protection.
  8. Write an outline for a healthcare social media policy that can be used to guide employees when posting on behalf of a medical practice.

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