The Psychology Of Persuasion & Influence

Master Persuasion Psychology | Perfect Your Communication & Influence Skills For Exceptional Success
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What you'll learn

  • Master the art of applying persuasive psychological techniques to shape interactions and outcomes.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the role of communication skills in psychology, and harness these skills to influence others effectively.
  • Elevate your communication and persuasion skills to a level where you can confidently influence individuals to meet your desired goals.
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize impactful communication skills to persuade or alter someone’s perspective.
  • Identify and apply the seven primary psychological drivers that shape human behaviour.
  • Comprehend the fundamental principles of human behaviour, opinion formation, and the role they play in persuasive communication.
  • Decipher body language and micro-expressions to understand underlying emotions and thoughts.
  • Navigate challenging situations by persuading and influencing individuals who seem resistant to change.
  • Use the power of persuasion and influence to enhance personal and professional relationships, fostering empathy and mutual understanding.
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Persuasion and influence, once thought to be innate talents bestowed on a lucky few, can indeed be mastered. Our course dismantles the myth that these are unteachable skills, revealing that powerful communication can be learned and refined by anyone.

Discover how to wield the art of persuasion to not only achieve personal objectives but also to foster empathy, enhance relationships, and unlock opportunities you’ve only imagined.

Join Phillip Hesketh, your instructor, who will guide you through the intricate realms of human behaviour. You’ll explore the seven psychological drivers that shape our actions, the dynamics of conversation, and the science of first impressions and opinion formation.

Understanding others is a cornerstone of effective persuasion. This course will emphasize the importance of reading body language as a crucial aspect of communication and persuasion.

Beyond dealing with difficult individuals, you’ll unlock the universal application of persuasion, using it to enhance your professional and personal life. Hesketh illuminates how the principles of persuasion apply equally to corporations and personal relationships, and how they can be enhanced using potent psychological techniques.

Our course concludes with a comprehensive exploration of how to cultivate stronger connections with everyone you encounter. Dive into the depths of trust-building, linear probing, and empathy, arming yourself with the tools necessary to excel in business communication and steer your life towards your desired direction.

Embrace the transformation from novice to master communicator, and discover the true power of persuasion.

Who this course is for:

  • Sales Professionals: Those involved in sales can greatly enhance their persuasion skills, enabling them to close deals more effectively and build strong relationships with clients.
  • Managers and Leaders: People in leadership roles can use these techniques to influence their team, manage conflict, and drive organizational growth.
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Understanding the art of persuasion can help in negotiating, securing funding, acquiring customers, and fostering partnerships.
  • Marketing Professionals: Those involved in marketing and advertising can use persuasion techniques to influence consumer behavior and drive brand engagement.
  • Job Seekers: Persuasion skills can be invaluable in job interviews, helping candidates to present themselves effectively and secure their desired roles.
  • Counselors and Coaches: These professionals can use these skills to guide their clients towards positive change and goal achievement.
  • Public Speakers: Effective persuasion can greatly enhance the impact of public speaking, making speeches and presentations more engaging and persuasive.
  • Educators and Trainers: Understanding and applying persuasion can help educators increase student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Social and Community Workers: People working in social and community roles can use persuasion skills to advocate for their clients and drive social change.
  • Anyone looking to improve their personal relationships and communication skills: The ability to persuade and influence can be beneficial in a variety of everyday interactions and relationships.
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