Python beginner projects 10-day 10 projects

Python Projects: 10 Hands-On Applications for Practical Programming Skills for beginner level
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Created by Jayanta Sarkar

What you'll learn

  • create localhost server using python
  • Google search using terminal
  • Get domain information
  • send email using python
  • web alarm for Browser
  • Create a personal newspaper reader using python
  • JARVIS Ai Voice Assistant
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Course content


  • basic Python knowledge


This comprehensive course is designed for beginners who are interested in learning Python programming through practical projects. By engaging in hands-on projects, students will gain a solid foundation in Python and develop essential programming skills. The course will cover a range of projects, from setting up a local server to building a personal newspaper reader and even creating a voice assistant . Each project will introduce new concepts and techniques, allowing students to progressively enhance their Python skills while working on real-world applications.

Project 1: Creating a Localhost Server Using Python In this project, students will learn how to leverage Python’s built-in libraries to set up a local server. They will understand the basics of  HTTP requests and responses.

Project 2: Google Search Using Terminal Through this project, students will explore how to interact with the Google search engine using Python. They will learn how to retrieve search results and display them directly in the terminal, enhancing their understanding of web scraping and data manipulation.

Project 3: Getting Domain Information In this project, students will dive into the world of domain information retrieval. They will utilize Python libraries to extract valuable details about a domain, such as IP addresses, WHOIS information, DNS records, and more. This project will expand their knowledge of networking concepts and data analysis.

Project 4: Sending Email Using Python Email communication is a fundamental aspect of many applications. In this project, students will learn how to use Python to send emails programmatically.

Project 5: Web Alarm for Browser This project focuses on creating a web alarm using Python. Students will utilize web scraping techniques to extract data from websites and trigger alarms or notifications based on specific criteria. By working on this project, students will enhance their understanding of time-based events and web automation.

Project 6: Creating a Personal Newspaper Reader Using Python In this project, students will develop a personal newspaper reader application using Python. They will learn how to extract news articles from various sources, implement text-to-speech capabilities.

Project 7: JARVIS AI Voice Assistant Building on their acquired skills, students will embark on creating a JARVIS-like AI voice assistant using Python. They will explore speech recognition, and text-to-speech synthesis to develop an interactive voice-based assistant. This project will provide a glimpse into the exciting world of AI and voice-enabled applications.

By the end of this course, students will have completed several Python projects, equipping them with the practical skills and confidence to tackle real-world programming challenges. They will have a solid understanding of Python fundamentals and be well-prepared to take on more advanced projects or further their Python learning journey.

Who this course is for:

  • Python programmer who are interested to learn new skill

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