Letter of Credit, Trade Finance, ISBP, UCP 600/500 Made Easy

All about documentary credit by bank, UCP 500/600 and ISBP, Types of LCs, Discrepancies, Frauds, Precautions, Online LC
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Created by Dr. Vijesh Jain

What you'll learn

  • Different methods of receiving international payments in exports.
  • Role of international banks in international trade financing and documentary credit
  • Typical exports and documentary credit cycle.
  • Types of International Letter of credit
  • International Letter of Credit Opening Instructions
  • Precaution taken by beneficiary before accepting letter of credit.
  • Common discrepancies in LC documentation presentations.
  • Role of UCP 500/600
  • Role of ISBP 2007
  • International Letter of Credit Frauds and prevention
  • Overview on UCP 600 compared with UCP 500
  • Common provision of UCP 600
  • New additions to UCP 600
  • Emerging role of new revolutionary Blockchain based L/Cs
  • All about INCOTERMS®2020
This course includes:
5.5 total hours on-demand video
33 articles
13 downloadable resources
94 lessons
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Course content


  • There are no course pre requisite to this course
  • Little knowledge of typical export process is desirable


Unlock the World of Trade Finance: Letter of Credit, Trade Finance, ISBP, UCP 600/500 Made Easy

Welcome to a comprehensive journey through the intricate world of trade finance. “Letter of Credit, Trade Finance, ISBP, UCP 600/500 Made Easy”, a VJ Export Mastery Series Course, is your gateway to mastering the art of documentary credit by banks, understanding the nuances of UCP 500/600 and ISBP, and navigating the complexities of Types of LCs, Discrepancies, Frauds, Precautions, and Online LC processes.

#TradeFinance #LetterOfCredit #UCP600 #ISBP

Your Essential Guide to Trade Finance

Trade finance is the lifeblood of global commerce, and understanding its core components is essential for individuals and businesses engaged in international trade. This course is designed to demystify the world of documentary credit, making it accessible and easy to comprehend.

#InternationalTrade #TradeFinanceEducation

My Journey: Pioneering Trade Finance Education

With over 22 online courses as part of VJ Global MBA Knowledge Courses Series on Udemy, most of which centered around international trade and business, I had a profound realization. While these courses covered a wide array of trade-related topics, there was an essential component missing – a comprehensive course that provided complete knowledge about the letter of credit and international trade finance. This realization was the spark that ignited the creation of this course. #TradeFinanceCourse #ComprehensiveEducation

Pioneering Excellence

My journey took an exciting turn as I recognized the need to bridge the gap between theory and practice in trade finance. I saw the necessity for a course that could provide students with a holistic understanding of letter of credit, UCP rules, and trade finance essentials. With this vision, I embarked on the mission to create a course that would empower learners with the knowledge they need to navigate the complexities of international trade finance with confidence.

#TradeFinanceSkills #HolisticLearning

Course Highlights: What You’ll Learn

  • Documentary Credit Deconstructed: Gain a profound understanding of what LCs are and how they work.

  • UCP 500/600 Deciphered: Navigate the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits with ease.

  • Types of LCs Explored: Explore the diverse range of LC types, from Revocable to Confirmed, and more.

  • Preventing Discrepancies and Frauds: Equip yourself with the knowledge to safeguard your transactions.

  • LC Precautions Unveiled: Learn the essential precautions to ensure seamless LC processes.

  • Online LC Simplified: Embrace the convenience and efficiency of online LC transactions.

  • Blockchain Based Letter of Credit

  • Role of AI in International Trade Financing

    #TradeFinanceInsights #DocumentaryCredit

Who Should Enroll?

  • Business Professionals: Enhance your trade finance knowledge for international business success.

  • Exporters & Importers: Master the intricacies of LCs to streamline your overseas transactions.

  • Finance & Banking Enthusiasts: Deepen your financial acumen with trade finance fundamentals.

  • International Trade Enthusiasts: Kickstart your global trade journey with a strong foundation in trade finance.

    #TradeFinanceFoundation #FinancialAcumen

Enroll Now and Master Trade Finance Essentials

Join us in “Letter of Credit, Trade Finance, ISBP, UCP 600/500 Made Easy” and embark on a journey that will simplify trade finance, empower you with essential knowledge, and open doors to seamless global transactions. With expert guidance, real-world applications, and a strong foundation, you’ll be ready to navigate the international trade landscape with confidence. #TradeFinanceJourney #InternationalBusiness

Ready to demystify trade finance? Let’s embark on this knowledge-packed journey together.

Complimentary copy of the published book on the same topic

Here in this course, a complimentary copy of my published book will be available to each enrolled student. This book will be a good supporting text as the chapters in this book are in alignment with the sections in this course. The book is written accordingly. The book is also available on Amazon Store and Kindle in paperback and a hard copy.

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Who this course is for:

  • Any one looking for high paying salaries in the LC departments of MNCs, Banks
  • Anyone looking for career in managing digital letter of credits working from home
  • Exporters and importers who want to refresh and update their complete knowledge about LCs
  • Students looking for career in global business
  • Entrepreneurs with global ambitions
  • New startups in the area of blockchain based international trade soltions
  • FX dealers
  • International banks professionals or bank job seekers
  • Working professionals in international trading companies
  • Senior managers managing global operations
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