Dynamic Programming Algorithms for Coding Interviews

Be ready for dynamic programming coding interview by learning how to handle practically any types of DP Problems.
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Created by Md. A. Barik

What you'll learn

  • Master the art of dynamic programming
  • Step by step approach to solve any Dynamic Programming problem.
  • How to use the bottom-up approach of dynamic programming (Tabulation)
  • How to use the top-down approach of dynamic programming (Memoization)
  • How to solve almost any dynamic programming problem
  • A deep understanding of the essential patterns behind common dynamic programming interview questions—without having to drill endless problem sets
  • The ability to identify and apply the underlying pattern in an interview question by assessing the problem statement
  • Familiarity with dynamic programming techniques with hands-on practice in a setup-free coding environment
  • The ability to efficiently evaluate the tradeoffs between time and space complexity in different solutions
  • A flexible conceptual framework for solving any dynamic programming question, by connecting problem characteristics and possible solution techniques
This course includes:
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1 articles
31 downloadable resources
32 lessons
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Course content


  • Fundamental Knowledge of any one Programming Language
  • A Computer or Laptop or Smartphone with Internet Connections


Welcome to this course – “Dynamic Programming Algorithms for Coding Interviews”.

This course on Dynamic Programming Coding Interview Algorithms will teach you the advanced algorithms and data structures needed for coding interviews and technical interviews. You’ll learn how to solve dynamic programming questions, and you’ll master the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms. You’ll also get an in-depth understanding of Grokking Dynamic Programming Interview Patterns for Technical Interviews, and you’ll learn the skills needed to solve the toughest coding interview questions. Finally, you’ll get hands-on experience with Java Dynamic Programming questions and Algorithms for Coding Interviews, and you’ll Master Dynamic Programming Coding Interview Algorithms and ace your next job interview. This course will teach you the fundamentals of dynamic programming and how to use them to solve complex coding interview questions quickly and confidently. You will learn the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms, as well as how to apply them to coding interview questions. You will also learn to use Java and dynamic programming techniques to solve dynamic programming questions related to Google, LeetCode, and other technical interviews. You will also learn the best practices for mastering the coding interview data structures and algorithms, as well as how to review and apply them in the real world.

Are you struggling with DP Problem?

If you often struggle with dynamic programming problems despite your understanding of data structures and algorithms, this course is designed to bridge that gap. It provides a comprehensive understanding of critical Dynamic Programming concepts, empowering you to excel in competitive coding and interviews.

In addition to the mentioned problems, the “Dynamic Programming Algorithms  Coding Interviews” course covers several more essential dynamic programming problems. Through detailed explanations, code implementations, and step-by-step walkthroughs, you’ll gain a deep understanding of each problem’s solution.

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Course Feedback by Student:

Asif Khondokar

Amazing course. This is the best Dynamic Programming Course on Udemy. Thanks for creating this course Md. A. Barik. I got job offer & you help me a lot. Thanks again

Who this course is for:

  • Computer Science students
  • Anyone preparing for coding interviews
  • Software engineers
  • Programmers
  • Competitive programmers
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