Business Sketchnoting: Boost Visual Communication in 1 Hour

Learning the Tool of Visual Note-Taking to maximize Efficiency and Impact in Meetings, Workshops, and Presentations.
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Created by Matthias Breuel

What you'll learn

  • Learn to use the visual thinking tool Sketchnotes in your daily work
  • Learn over 62 Sketchnote skills
  • Improve your effective communication for design thinking, meetings, workshops, agile events and coaching.
  • Draw the Design Thinking process (and others)
  • Learn fast & time-saving – within 1 hour
This course includes:
1.5 total hours on-demand video
2 articles
3 downloadable resources
24 lessons
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion

Course content


  • Paper + pen (e.g. ballpoint pen/fineliner + highlighter)
  • No drawing knowledge necessary!


“In simplicity lies the greatest accomplishment.” – Leonardo DaVinci

Improve your communication and results in meetings, design thinking workshops, agile events, and coaching by mastering the art of sketchnoting. In just one hour, learn how to use visual thinking tools, develop over 62 sketchnote skills, and make the invisible visible. With fast sketching techniques and graphic recording practice, you’ll be able to capture ideas and reach joint agreements faster. This course focuses on the essentials, guiding you through milestones to become a proficient sketchnoter with necessary skills. Along with quick exercises and assessments, you’ll receive a personal certificate and more information for expanding your abilities. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to enhance your communication skills, this course empowers you to become the conductor of thoughts and elevate your visual communication to a new level.

What do you learn in the course? You’ll learn in one hour…

  • … use the visual thinking tool in daily work

  • … over 62 Sketchnote skills

  • …. make the invisible visible

  • … fast! Sketch notes within 60 minutes. (Cause your time is valuable)

  • … practicing graphic recording (live along with sketches)

  • … then expand your ability to use special effects and alternatives with the e-book

What are you getting?

  • focus on the essentials

  • After the 1st milestone to the sketchnoter (can do the most important things from containers, shadows, layout, documents, etc…)

  • Quick 90 second exercises to test your skills

  • In another 6 milestones, the necessary business sketchnote ability

  • in approx. 5-minute blocks + 90-second exercises

  • for processes, highlights, layout, language, people, features

  • “Sketchnote” Assessment  – DONE

The course is suitable for you if you

  • … want to achieve a good result in the shortest possible time

  • … you like to present the essentials with simple means

  • … want others to understand you

  • … or are a beginner in sketchnoting

The course is NOT suitable for you if you:

  • … already know your way around sketchnoting and have mastered all the techniques

  • … would like to learn detailed photo realistic drawing and painting

  • … you want to draw things as photo-realistic as possible

What prior knowledge do you need?

  • Paper + pen (e.g. ballpoint pen or fineliner and highlighter)

  • No drawing knowledge required!

  • If you want to sketch digitally right from the start.

If you are familiar with the digital note programs, you can use an iPad, Surface, Android tablet or another tablet with a stylus for digital sketching (you can watch an example video for iPad with Apple Notes directly). Or use my other course: “The best Digital Sketchnoting Apps & Tools” (at the moment only on German. But you could see the options anyway)

You will learn how to use Sketchnotes in daily business.

You will get practical methods for visual noting (sketches) in 7 practical sections. After each milestone, you can already interweave several Sketchnote skills through the accelerated learning format so that you can apply them immediately in everyday life.

And all without any drawing knowledge in advance.

For what reason?

== Become the conductor of thoughts and expand your communication skills to a new level ==

You can see how you can use this skill in business to better respond to and deal with the opinions of the people you work with. For example:

  • in agile work to visualize stories or retros

  • in refinement,

  • in workshops and learning content (used e.g. in the course: Virtual Workshops, Agile Sellfmanagement. etc.)

  • in project management in the requirements analysis or

  • in design thinking for sketching a prototype and processes or value maps and so on

  • Elaboration of ideas (more on this also the course “Design Thinking Crash Course”)

  • in school

  • in training and teaching lessons

Try the course now! (because you have the security of the 30-day right of return)

The course is also for you if you are interested in any of the following:

Sketch note, visual thinking, sketchnoting, visualization, simply drawing, visualize, visualization method, visual communication, sketchnote at work, sketchnotes for education, sketching, simple doodle, visualize customer journey

Who this course is for:

  • Product Manager / Product Owner
  • Design thinking team members for emathize, ideate, prototyping and testing
  • Moderators, who want to guide through their processes more clearly
  • Executives who want to make information, requirements or ideas easier to understand and the team to follow the vision
  • Leaders
  • Scrum Masters and Team Facilitators
  • Team members
  • Project Manager
  • People who like to structure ideas, facts or situations
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
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