Navigating the Public and Private Sectors: An Overview

What is Private Sector and Public Sector?
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What you'll learn

  • What is meant by Private Sector?
  • What are the various types of Private Sector?
  • What is the importance of Public Sector?
  • What are some misconceptions about public sector?
  • What is the difference between Private Sector and Public Sector?
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1. What do you mean by private sector?

2. From where the private entities can raise funds?

3. Why are private companies formed?

4. On which specific point the private sector companies usually focus in order to survive in the market in the long run?

5. What are the various forms of business organizations in the private sector?

6. What is meant by public sector?

7. How much stake the government holds in public sector companies?

8. Who is the owner of public sector entities?

9. Public sector organizations are of two types. What are those two types?

10. What is the main aim of public sector?

11. What is the importance of public sector?

12. How the public sector has played a key role in regional balance?

13. How the public sector prevents the concentration of wealth and economic power in the hands of few industrial houses?

14. Whether the performance of public sector unit can be judged in terms of criteria used to judge the performance of private sector enterprises?

15. The role of public sector has changed over time. Discuss.

16. What are the various challenges faced by the public sector?

17. From where the public sector gets funds?

18. Write a few lines on the policy of Govt. of India towards the public sector since 1991.

19. What is the meaning and benefit of disinvestment of shares of Public Sector enterprises?

20. There are some misconceptions about public sector. What are those misconceptions?

21. What steps can be taken to improve the performance of public sector?

22. What is the difference between Private Sector and Public Sector?

23. Do you agree with the statement “Public sector workers are lazy and corrupt”. Give your comments.

24. Public sector is over staffed. What is your opinion?

25. Public sector is guided by social objectives. Name a few.

26. What is the basis of promotion in the case of private sector employees and public sector employees?

27. Public sector is less efficient as compared to private sector. Why?

28. Why there is government interference in public sector organizations?

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  • Students who are interested to learn about Private and Public Sector
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