The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Machine Learning

Learn everything you need to know to start your studies in Machine Learning! Theory and practice!
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Created by Jones Granatyr

What you'll learn

  • Learn an initial theoretical basis on some machine learning algorithms
  • Implement simple projects using Orange tool for machine learning tasks such as classification, regression, clustering and association
  • Learn machine learning without knowing a single line of computer programming
  • Use Orange visual tool to create, analyze and test algorithms
This course includes:
2 total hours on-demand video
1 articles
1 downloadable resources
22 lessons
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Course content


  • There are no prerequisites, people from any field can take this course


The area of Machine Learning is currently the most relevant field in Artificial Intelligence, being responsible for the use of intelligent algorithms that make computers learn through databases. The Machine Learning job market in various parts of the world is on the rise and the tendency is for this type of professional to be increasingly in demand! Some studies even indicate that knowledge in this area will soon be a prerequisite for Information Technology professionals!

To take you to this area, in this quick, basic and free course you will have a theoretical and practical overview of some machine learning algorithms using the Orange visual tool, which is one of the easiest tools for those starting learning since no computer programming skills are needed! The course is divided into four parts, which present the main areas of machine learning:

  • Classification: Naïve Bayes, decision trees, rules, and support vector machines (SVM) algorithms

  • Regression: linear regression algorithm

  • Clustering: k-means algorithm

  • Association rules: – apriori algorithm

This course aims to serve as a basic reference on the main machine learning techniques, especially for beginners in the area who do not have much time to take a longer and more complete course! I will see you in class!

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in starting their studies in Machine Learning
  • People who want to start a career in Machine Learning
  • Undergraduate students studying subjects related to Artificial Intelligence
  • Anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence
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