Supply chain Analytics with anyLogistix Software

Supply Chain Network Optimization, Simulation, Risk assessment, Disruption Management, Transportation Optimization.
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Created by Ershad Jahagirdar

What you'll learn

  • Understanding AnyLogistix Interface and basic steps to setup model
  • Green Field Analysis
  • Supply Chain Network Design and optimisation
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Supply chain simulation, risk assessment
  • safety stock estimation
  • Transportation optimization
  • At the end of course you will gain supply chain optimization and simulation skills which will keep you at the top for Job Interview in Supply Chain Management
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Course content


  • No Programming knowledge in required. Basic Terminology in supply chain management is Good


anyLogistix is the supply chain analytics software to design; optimize and analyze your company’s supply chain. It combines powerful analytical optimization approaches together with innovative simulation technologies offering you a comprehensive set of tools for end to-end supply chain analytics.

By leveraging both simulation and optimization methods you are never limited by the lack of modeling technology when approaching a supply chain problem, further enabling you to gain deeper insights into your company’s supply chain which are not possible with traditional solutions.

With anyLogistix, you can ensure your supply chain is lean, agile, and robust. Create a digital twin of your supply chain in anyLogistix to get powerful insights, answer what-ifs, and develop your supply chain planning.

An anyLogistix supply chain digital twin helps management by providing a control tower view. The optimization and simulation capabilities of anyLogistix enable you, for example, to create plans with network optimization and use simulation modeling to test and develop them. Optimization and simulation combine to extend your supply chain analytics.

Unlimited Customization is model is possible

  • Any component of an anyLogistix dynamic simulation model can be customized with AnyLogic® Professional, the leading simulation software tool.

  • Customize anyLogistix tables using AnyLogic. For example, you can change the way your transportation cost is calculated or model a custom inventory policy.

  • Customize any objects of your supply chain network: warehouses, distribution centers, factories, customers/markets. You can edit ordering, inventory, sourcing, and transportation policies and capture in your model even the most specific business rules.

With anyLogistix, you can gain capabilities of following.

  • Supply Chain Network Design

  • Green Field analysis

  • Inventory Optimization

  • Supply Chain risk management

  • Supply chain master planning

  • Saftety stock estimation

  • Parameter of variation experiment

#NOTE: Job Openings for anyLogistix expert as supply chain optimization, supply chain analyst, and data analyst will be posted monthly by mail, so its the upper hand for you to have this certification.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to intermediate
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