REBT Practitioner & Life Coach Certificate:Complete Training

Master the Art of REBT: Become Fully Educated REBT Practitioner & REBT Life Coach + Elevate Your Counseling Career!
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What you'll learn

  • The complete science of REBT Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
  • Philosophy and theory of REBT
  • Practical REBT SKILLS
  • MAIN REBT framework
  • Therapeutic / Life Coaching relationship skills ( How to be a good therapist/life coach)
  • REBT therapy/coaching workflow
  • Practice: Practical case studies
  • REBT Techniques (Rational Analysis, Role playing…)
  • Hot to manage thoughts, emotions and behaviour
  • Howto transform your life or life of your client
This course includes:
3.5 total hours on-demand video
14 articles
0 downloadable resources
60 lessons
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Course content


  • No previous experience of REBT is required


Looking to become a highly skilled and effective REBT practitioner and life coach? Look no further than our comprehensive online course, “REBT Practitioner & Life Coach Certificate: Complete Training”.

Master the Art of REBT: Become Fully Educated REBT Practitioner & REBT Life Coach + Elevate Your Counseling Career!

Is this course for you?

If you’re a coach, counselor, psychologist, or therapist looking to enhance your skills and knowledge, then our REBT Practitioner & Life Coach Certificate course is the perfect fit for you. This complete training program covers everything you need to know about Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), including its foundations, techniques, and applications.

                    By the end of the course, you will have the necessary tools and expertise to become an exceptional REBT                 practitioner and life coach.

This course is designed to provide aspiring professionals in the field of psychology and mental health with an in-depth understanding of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), one of the most effective and evidence-based therapeutic approaches available today.

Through a series of engaging and interactive modules, learners will gain a thorough understanding of the core principles of REBT, including the ABCDE model and the importance of rational beliefs. They will also learn a range of techniques for applying REBT in practice, including cognitive restructuring, behavioral techniques, and emotive techniques.

In addition to mastering the theory and practice of REBT, learners will also gain valuable skills and knowledge for becoming successful REBT practitioners and life coaches. From developing effective communication and counseling skills to marketing and building a successful practice, this course covers all the essential skills and knowledge needed for success in this exciting and rewarding field.

With expert instruction from experienced professionals and a wealth of interactive learning resources, “REBT Practitioner & Life Coach Certificate: Complete Training” is the ideal course for anyone looking to take their career in psychology and mental health to the next level. Enroll today and take the first step towards becoming a highly skilled and effective REBT practitioner and life coach!


In this course, we will be taking you through a comprehensive journey to help you develop your skills and expertise as a practitioner and life coach.

  • In Module 1, we will start with an introduction to the course and get you familiarized with what to expect throughout the program.

  • Module 2 is all about REBT Foundations. In this module, we’ll take a deep dive into the key concepts, principles, and scientific basis of REBT. You’ll also learn about its historical background and the main values and goals of REBT.

  • Moving on to Module 3, Becoming an REBT Practitioner and Life Coach, you’ll understand the role of an REBT practitioner and life coach. You’ll learn what you need to know to become an effective REBT coach and practitioner, including developing effective communication and counseling skills. Additionally, you’ll learn about the initial and typical REBT coaching session frameworks, ethics, and professional issues.

  • In Module 4, we will discuss Types of REBT techniques. You’ll learn about the three types of REBT techniques – behavior, emotive, and cognitive reconstruction techniques, and how to apply them to your coaching practice.

  • Next, in Module 5, we’ll dive deep into the ABCDE model of REBT, where you’ll learn about irrational and rational beliefs, common cognitive distortions, and how to identify the components of the ABCDE model when working with clients. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice applying the ABCDE model through exercises and real-life case studies.

  • Module 6 focuses on the Practical Irrational Beliefs Disputing Process, where you’ll learn about the belief system, the four categories of core irrational beliefs, and how to reshape all 13 of them.  Sanja Stojanovic, the founder of Self Clarity Academy, psychologist, Master psychology teacher and REBT Practitioner and Coach will guide you trough this process.

    *Don’t get confused when you see  the different opening titles for lessons in this module, because we first applied these lessons into our biggest online Udemy course: “Full Stress Management ULTIMATE COURSE: Complete Training” (if you are interested you can find the link at the end of this course, or just check the teacher profile).

  • In Module 7, Applications of REBT, you’ll learn about the various issues that can be treated with REBT, including depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. You’ll also get a chance to practice treating relationship problems with REBT.

  • Finally, in Module 8, we’ll teach you how to develop a successful REBT coaching and counseling practice, including how to unlock your full potential and advance your career as a coach or counselor.

By the end of this course, you’ll have gained a deep understanding of the REBT approach and its practical applications, and you’ll have developed the skills to apply it effectively in your counseling and coaching practice.

If you’re ready to take your coaching or counseling career to the next level, enroll now and let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn REBT SKILLS AND TOOLS for clients or personal use
  • Psychologits, life coaches, teachers, therapists, counselors
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