Possibility in Motion: Achieving Breakthrough Transformation

Leveraging Possibility Thinking to manifest What You Really Want and turn Possibilities into Actions
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Created by Jean-Marc Sheitoyan

What you'll learn

  • Identify the challenges and pain points you’re facing.
  • Articulate what you really want, but are not confident you can get.
  • Turn possibilities into actions.
  • Achieve personal and professional breakthroughs.
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Course content


  • Being curious and open to change and transformation.


OUR PROMISE: This course will help you apply Possibility Thinking to What You Really Want, but are not confident you can get, and help you turn Possibilities into Actions.

A possibility is something that does not yet exist but can develop or become actual. This course helps create possibilities for individuals, groups, businesses, communities and nations where they don’t currently exist. Possibility can be a breakthrough, current impossibility, or not yet known capability, eventuality, or potential.

People are often stuck in the constraints of their daily lives, whether it’s for work, family, or finances, and their growth and evolution can be blocked by limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

This course offers key concepts, insights and wisdom to help people break free from these limitations and achieve their personal and professional career goals.

The content is produced as a series of bite-sized episodes, averaging 3 to 6 minutes in length. The first three episodes can be previewed for free. The total duration of the 23 lectures is 1 hour 33 minutes.

Possibility in Motion” is a Transformative e-Learning Course designed to help people unlock their untapped potential and turn possibilities into action, while stimulating personal and professional growth. At its core, “Possibility in Motion” combines cutting-edge psychology, pragmatic practices, and the power of energy and flow to propel people forward. Our promise is simple: we help you apply Possibility Thinking to what you truly desire but may not be confident you can achieve, ultimately helping you create possibilities where they don’t yet exist.

Here’s what you can expect from this course:

  1. Possibility Thinking: Break free from limitations and embrace a mindset that fosters innovation, creativity, and growth. Discover how to tap into your untapped potential and unleash your true capabilities.

  2. Transformational Practices: Gain the tools and strategies to take inspired action and witness the positive impact it has on your personal and professional life. Learn how to overcome stagnation and embrace new horizons.

  3. Collaboration and Leadership: For professionals committed to advancing growth, this course offers insights into fostering a culture of possibility within teams and organizations. Discover how to inspire and empower others to embrace their potential.

By enrolling in “Possibility in Motion,” you’ll join a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to personal growth and unleashing their full potential. The course facilitators, Charles E. Smith, Ph.D. and Jean-Marc Sheitoyan, PMP, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, bridging ancient wisdom with modern practices. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ignite your potential and enroll today!

A Linear Structure for Forward Movement: Flow rather than Conflict

“We are not selling a gadget. At its core we offer you training in the most effective psychology and pragmatic practices to accelerate what you want most.”

Jonathan Lewis Smith, Possibility Advisory and Advocate, PossibilityClub .org


“Charles Smith has distilled a lifetime of truth-seeking into fascinating work that spans ancient to modern wisdom. The timing of this work is particularly important as the world struggles with outdated models of learning, education and communication, competitive versus collaborative business approaches and a future for humanity worth having. He is a national treasure and a man of great imagination and tremendous intellect. He has been my mentor, my friend, colleague and inspiration for the past thirty years. He has motivated me to be innovative, collaborative and transformational in all areas of my life, professional, personal and spiritual. While serving as a Department of Defense Program Executive, I asked Charlie to help with the National Aerospace Plane Program. He constantly used the Mach 25 goal to define what we were capable of achieving and was a force for innovation. After leaving the government, I joined Charlie in his consulting company and partnered with him to create profound change in government and business organizations. Later, we created the Collaborative Innovation Institute to develop transformational collaborations aimed at solving some of the most challenging problems in the world. His persistent vision and voice of the Overview Effect as a stimulus for inspiring international collaboration has led to some real breakthroughs in science, business and government.”

Dr. Robert “Bart” Barthelemy, Founding Director, Wright Brothers Institute; Co-Founder, Collaborative Innovation Institute; Former U.S. Department of Defense Program Executive

“The first time I met Charlie Smith, I was struck by the profundity of his insight, indeed wisdom. His emphasis on the central importance of human energy in accomplishment echoes my own research and experience on high performance individuals, companies and nations. Energy is the result of will, will is an expression of aspiration, aspiration is the artesian well that awakens inspiration and creativity in human beings. Highest achievement in every field is the result of focusing the energy through high goals and values to transform it into force and channeling that force through effective organization and highly motivated and skilled individuals. It’s an eternal formula for sustained success.”

Mr. Garry Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer, World Academy of Art and Science

“I started working with Charlie Smith when I came to Canada as General Manager for the Novartis Consumer Health Business in 2010. It was an unbelievable opportunity with a great company and great talent. I was most interested in how to transform the ‘good’ into the ‘great’. I asked around to meet people that had helped to create real transformation in the workplace. I met Charlie and we shared the belief that true integration, mentally emotionally, organizationally, socially, culturally, and ecologically, is the most challenging and most powerful effective strategy for endless expansion. We could offer no greater value proposition or service to a company. In the next two years, we moved the whole company on a path beyond the ordinary. We drove a high performance team towards a truly human culture, delivered three times market growth, and overdelivered against internal targets significantly. Working with Charlie was one of the most enriching experiences of my professional life.”

Mr. Dominique Giulini, Vice President, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Haleon

“Here is a resonance to be listened to that awakens humankind’s original vision. Getting to where we want to go is not escaping where we find ourselves, but resonating with the kind of Mach 25 escape velocity that frees us from the gravitational resignation of the way it is. Each page is a postcard of a voyage taken through the ancient Huna science of Hawaii to a new perspective of Einstein’s E = MC2.”

Mr. Alexander Berlonghi, Founder of Communications Dynamics International; Special Event Risk Management; and the Institute for the Practice of Ontology

“Charlie is quintessential “deep thinker”… a philosopher for our time. Provoking deep thought in others is his superpower! What is so wonderful and compelling is his speaking and writing style and storytelling makes his insights accessible and relatable. You will take this journey with Charlie and recognize yourself as a “deep thinker” as well!”

Mrs. Jackie Eiting, Master Counselor, Coach and Organizational Development Expert

“Radically novel insights certain to stretch your mind and effectiveness as a leader—and as a person.”

Dr. Daniel L. Shapiro, Ph.D., Director, Harvard International Negotiation Program and author, “Negotiating the Nonnegotiable”

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals, groups, companies and communities who want to create possibilities where they don’t yet exist.
  • Leaders and people committed to a leap forward in the possibility of advanced freedom, for those who realize it’s missing, and others not aware that it’s missing.
  • People who are feeling stuck.
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