Fundamental Course in Web Frameworks

Python Web Frameworks, HTML and Java Script Frameworks, Full Stake Web applications and Web Architecture
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What you'll learn

  • Understanding the web frameworks and types of frameworks
  • How Python Web framework is working with different applications
  • Analyzing the HTML and Java Script Web frameworks and Application Identifications
  • Understanding the Web development frameworks for web applications
  • Learning about the future web frameworks and how to create my own web frameworks
This course includes:
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5 lessons
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Course content


  • Basic Web Application Knowledge HTML, CSS and Web Architecture Knowledge needed for the course


Fundamental Course in Web Frameworks

The Fundamental Course in Web Frameworks is a comprehensive program designed for individuals looking to build a solid foundation in web development through the understanding and application of various web frameworks. Participants will explore the diverse landscape of web frameworks, with a focus on Python, HTML, and JavaScript. The course covers the essentials of web development frameworks for building dynamic and responsive web applications, and concludes with an exploration of emerging trends and the possibility of creating custom web frameworks.

  1. Introduction of Web Frameworks and Types

    • Defining web frameworks and their role in web development

    • Overview of different types of web frameworks (e.g., front-end, back-end, full-stack)

    • Understanding the significance of web frameworks in streamlining development processes

  2. Web Framework in Python

    • Introduction to Python web frameworks (e.g., Django, Flask)

    • Exploring the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture

    • Hands-on experience with building web applications using Python frameworks

  3. Web Framework in HTML and JavaScript

    • Overview of front-end web frameworks (e.g., React, Angular, Vue)

    • Understanding the role of HTML and JavaScript in web development

    • Integration of front-end frameworks for enhanced user interfaces

  4. Web Development Frameworks for Web Applications

    • Exploring full-stack web development frameworks

    • Backend frameworks and server-side scripting languages

    • Hands-on exercises to create a dynamic and responsive web application

  5. Future Web Frameworks and Create My Own Web Frameworks

    • Emerging trends in web development frameworks

    • Exploring the potential of custom web frameworks

    • Basic principles and steps to create a simple web framework

Throughout the course, participants will engage in practical coding exercises, projects, and real-world examples to reinforce their learning. The Fundamental Course in Web Frameworks aims to provide participants with a strong foundation in web development, empowering them to leverage popular frameworks and stay abreast of evolving technologies in the dynamic field of web development. Upon completion, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue further specialization in web frameworks or embark on their own web development projects !

In this Fundamental course you will learn the 5 Major topics,

1. Introduction of web frameworks and types

2. web framework in python

3. Web framework in HTML and Java Script

4.  Web development frameworks for web applications

5. Future web frameworks and create my own web frameworks

Who this course is for:

  • Computer Science, IT and Systems Students, Web developers, Web Designers, Software Programmers and Web Analysts
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