Inclusive education for children with autism & special needs

#1 Inclusive education course: The step by step guide on integrating children with special needs into mainstream school
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What you'll learn

  • Step by step hands on approach on how to incorporate inclusive education education within a mainstream school
  • Create customized visual aids to help child with autism/special needs assimilate into mainstream school setting
  • Learn how to manage meltdowns and tantrums when children with autism and related developmental issues faced challenges in mainstream schools
  • Learn the importance of social stories and how it can be used to prime the child with autism/special needs cope better in regular schools
  • Learn how to use “stop-think-do” approach to help child self regulate and make appropriate decisions in dealing with stress and conflicts.
  • Learn the various theories of autism, ADHD, Asperger etc to have a better understanding on how to help them better in regular school.
  • Increase your knowledge and confidence in working with children with autism/special needs with hands on experience via videos and layman language from lectures
  • Gain the knowledge on how to collaborate teachers, allied educators and parents to help the better blend in seamlessly into mainstream school setting.
This course includes:
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6 lessons
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Course content


  • A computer or mobile device with internet connection is all you need
  • You must be willing to invest USD$35 to learn quality theories and practical videos on how inclusive education can be implemented in mainstream schools for children with autism and related special needs
  • You do NOT need any experience in special needs therapy or intervention to attend this course. This course use layman terms with clear audio and videos to teach you how to implemented strategies such as visual aids in regular schools for them.
  • Ask me ANY questions via chat or email. I am always available to help your settle all your queries.


Feeling stress and losing sleep of transiting your child with autism, special needs or challenging behaviors into mainstream schools? Fear and stress no more on this!

Be the first to learn from the author of “School shadow guidelines”, world’s 1st book how explaining in details on how to integrate children with special needs into mainstream schools.

I will show you step by step on how to use various strategies to help your child assimilate into mainstream school setting as soon as possible. All these are done with real life visual aids, real life examples, social stories and much more materials to aid your child for an inspiring inclusion education journey.

For a child with special needs to succeed, the collaboration between therapy, family and school is very important. Goals must be aligned and be consistent across these 3 components for the child to achieve his or her fullest potential. That is also why your role will play an indispensable part in helping the child bloom!

What exactly you will learn in this course?

  1. Learn how to instill positive behavior support for children with special needs to integrate into mainstream schools.

  2. Learn to develop visual aids to ease child into various transitions in mainstream school and build up healthy and good routines.

  3. Develop skills to work with teachers and allied educators within school environment to achieve best possible outcome for the child in need ( child with autism and related issues)

  4. Understand theories of various special needs issues which will aid your understanding of inclusion education for them.

  5. Learn step by step on how to develop social stories which is essential to prime child for the complexities and rigors of mainstream school environment.

  6. Learn and developed customize strategies such as anger thermometer, “stop-think-do” concept, “check in check out” system, behavioral contracts and much more for the child in need.

  7. Use my strategies to handle meltdowns and severe tantrums in school successfully.

  8. Scale up your arsenal of knowledge and strategies to handle all forms of issues that will occur when integrating children with special needs into regular schools.

  9. Understand the various difficulties children with special needs might face in mainstream school and how to overcome them successfully.

  10. Train regular teachers and teacher aids on how to help children with autism/special needs cope and learn better in mainstream schools.

What are you waiting for? Join us in our mission to help unlock each children’s potential! 

Who this course is for:

  • Parents, teachers and para-professional who works with children in special school setting.
  • School teachers, school allied educators and school leaders who wish to implement a positive inclusive school environment
  • Anyone who wants to know more about children with autism, ADHD etc and help them assimilate into mainstream school setting.
  • Educational or early intervention therapists who wish to learn more to improve their clinical skills
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