Empowering Techniques for PCOS Management

Navigating the Path to Wellness
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Created by Dr Richa Saxena

What you'll learn

  • Overview of PCOS
  • Dealing with PCOS
  • Treatment of PCOS Symptoms
  • Management of PCOS related infertility
This course includes:
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22 lessons
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Course content


  • No previous experience required. You just need to have an interest in knowing more about PCOS symptoms and dealing with them. No special software is required for viewing this course. Just an internet browser and an internet connection.
  • A patient with PCOS or their carer, struggling to take control of their symptoms through conventional medicine may benefit from lifestyle changes
  • Moderate understanding of english language


“Empowering Techniques for PCOS Management: Navigating the Path to Wellness” is a comprehensive digital program designed to empower individuals impacted by PCOS, enabling them to take back control of their well-being. Addressing the multifaceted nature of PCOS, it offers practical strategies and valuable insights to navigate its complexities. The course covers holistic approaches to enhance overall wellness, emphasizes adjustments in diet and lifestyle, provides detailed insights into PCOS symptoms, explores techniques for emotional management, addresses specific symptoms like excessive hair growth or hirsutism, offers guidance on managing infertility related to PCOS, and tackles hormonal imbalances. The course also addresses the yoga poses which would prove to be useful for women with PCOS. Drawing from expert guidance and evidence-based methods, participants gain the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize their health outcomes. Despite the challenges posed by PCOS, the program instills resilience and empowerment, guiding individuals towards thriving amidst adversities.

There is an additional bonus section in the course which would serve as a useful resource as it provides various activities for women with PCOS (e.g. video on positive affirmations, chakras, meditation activity, quiz, etc. Through a combination of educational resources, support networks, and practical aids, it serves as a beacon of hope, leading individuals on a transformative journey to wellness despite the intricacies of PCOS.

Who this course is for:

  • Women in their reproductive age group (25’s to early 40’s, who may be suffering from PCOS or its complications (e.g. infertility, excessive hair growth, acne, etc) and are interested in learning more about managing PCOOS symptoms through lifestyle changes
  • Carer of someone with PCOS
  • General population who are interested to know about lifestyle disorders and spread awareness in family and society
  • healthcare professionals working with women in this age group.
  • Health and fitness interested
  • Women with infertility unable to conceive may benefit through the lifestyle changes.
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