Change Management: The Complete Guide (2023 edition)

Leaders of the future: how to develop effective change management skills and create dynamic teams with a good atmosphere
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Created by Paweł Pawlak

What you'll learn

  • Define the concept of change and change management.
  • Understand key roles in the change management process.
  • Determine the phases of change management.
  • Learn to formulate an effective plan for the change process.
  • Deeply understand the reasons for resistance to change.
  • Find out about effective methods of preventing and eliminating resistance to change.
  • Gain the ability to design fruitful communication related to the change process.
  • Learn techniques for effective implementation of change.
  • Develop skills associated with controlling the change process.
  • Build proficiency in shaping a change-oriented organizational culture.
This course includes:
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40 lessons
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Course content


  • Above all, readiness to fully understand the process of change.
  • Interest in ways to carry out changes in a positive atmosphere.
  • An open mind, curiosity, and a willingness to learn will also be helpful, but you certainly have them because you are interested in this training :)
  • Management experience is not mandatory but would be helpful.


“Change Management: The Complete Guide (2023 edition)” is a full set of tools to help you deal with any change. We all realize that changes in organizations are inevitable, but with our course, you can take control and carry them out with confidence and effectiveness. You don’t have to operate by the trial-and-error method! Last but not least, you’ll learn to manage changes in a friendly atmosphere. After all, your well-being and that of your colleagues are paramount, especially nowadays, in such unpredictable times.

Our change management course is a solid dose of knowledge and a lot of complementary materials that will make every manager’s life easier.

Therefore, don’t hesitate and sign up for this course now!

Why work on change management skills?

Did you know that according to research, as much as 70% of changes in companies end in at least partial failure? And yet, changes around us are constantly taking place and, simultaneously, forcing changes to be carried out inside the organizations (taking advantage of market opportunities and responding to emerging threats). This is why the ability to manage changes effectively is becoming a key competency of the 21st century for managers. Those who master it best will rise to higher positions and become the most sought-after people on the job market.

What topics will you cover in this course?

My goal is for you to gain confidence while managing even significant, strategic changes. That’s why I’ve prepared a complete course for you, including all the necessary tools you can use when managing any type of change.

We’ll start with a discussion of the basics (to ensure we understand them the same way), then I’ll outline the phases of the change management process in general terms. After this module, details will come. Together we’ll go through all the stages of change planning and implementation. We’ll consider where the resistance to change comes from, and once we know those reasons, I’ll show you how to deal with it easily. We’ll spend a lot of time on these issues, as proper communication formation is one of the most important skills for change managers. It’s also not insignificant to control the course of change and reinforce it once it has been implemented. The training will conclude with topics about building an organizational culture conducive to change.

This course is complete – we’ll develop both hard and soft skills. All this ensures you’ll feel confident when making decisions during the ventures and challenges that await you!

What will you get by participating in the course?

By attending this course, you’ll not only gain access to high-quality, carefully prepared video materials. What else have I prepared for you?

  • plenty of practical, real-life examples with which I illustrate the theory being introduced,

  • I’ll also provide you with many practical tools so that your stress about making changes will be significantly reduced,

  • you don’t have to take notes because you’ll receive from me the fifteen pages long PDF with all the most important definitions, drawings, diagrams, and many other extremely useful information,

  • after each module, you’ll be able to test your knowledge in a QUIZ,

  • throughout the training, we’ll be accompanied by the case study (I think very interesting) – to solve the related tasks, you’ll have to use the skills acquired in the given part of the course,

  • I’ll also provide you with some ready-to-use, editable documents to apply when leading the change (I’m very happy to share them with you!).

Who am I?

My name is Pawel Pawlak, and it’s my great pleasure to invite you to the change management course! I’ve been passionately combining theory and practice for many years. I’m the author of many publications on management, including a book and dozens of articles. I defended my doctorate in 2016; I also have quite a bit of experience teaching people. At the same time, I’m a practitioner, as I held top positions in large organizations, including multinationals, for nearly twenty years, and my largest team was 1,000 people. I’ve led dozens of changes, some of them of strategic importance. I’ve seen and experienced a lot, and I’d like to share my knowledge with you today. My goal is not only to transfer information but, above all, to inspire!

So, don’t delay – click “Add to Cart” and sign up for this practical change management course now! In addition to the course, you’ll get the possibility to contact me through messages and discussions. I usually respond in 24 to 48 hours (well, unless I’m on vacation 🙂 ). You’ll also have access to all updates and supplemental materials. Additionally, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Course objectives:

  • you’ll be able to define a change and change management,

  • you’ll learn the key roles in the change management process,

  • you’ll identify the phases of change management,

  • you’ll acquire practical methods for drawing up effective plans for carrying out the changes,

  • you’ll understand all the major causes of resistance to change,

  • you’ll be able to choose effective methods to prevent and eliminate resistance to change,

  • you’ll be proficient in designing communications related to the change process,

  • you’ll acquire the skills to implement change effectively,

  • you’ll learn how to control the course of change,

  • you’ll master the knowledge of developing an organizational culture that fosters changes.

Who this course is for:

  • Primarily for managers of any level and team leaders in any organization or institution.
  • For business leaders – owners and ceos – to deeply understand the mechanisms of changes.
  • For new managers and all those who want (plan) to become managers soon.
  • Project leaders will also get a lot out of this course.
  • Business consultants will find quite a lot of interesting content as well.
  • I can also recommend it to all management students because i know from my own experience how difficult it’s sometimes to collide, after graduation, with the not-easy business reality.
  • For all those who want to be more aware of the change processes taking place and have a more significant impact on them.
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