Adobe Illustrator Essentials: Design Like a Pro in Days

Adobe Illustrator Essentials: Design Like a Pro in Days (Master Text, Shapes & Effects for Pro-Level Designs)
Learn everything you need to start a successful career as a PHP developer
From Beginner to Expert: Dive Deep into AI-Powered Advertising with Google Ads, Meta Ads, Google Analytics 4 and ChatGPT
Become a Photoshop Expert in 30 days even if you never used Photoshop before.
Complete AZ-900 Guide | Learn Azure in Step By Step Approach | Practice Test | E-Book Included
Cyber Security Training: Easily Identify E-mail and Mobile Scams BEFORE your corporate or personal data is breached!
Become the boss in canva graphics design from success ogwudu lectures
Complete course on chatGPT using it to write an ebook and upload it at amazon KDP A Step by Step Course
Learn how to share your expertise by learning how to train the trainer
You can appear confident and memorable when introducing yourself in business and networking events
Public Relations: You can communicate the messages of your agency to the media. Master every media encounter.
You can create compelling video lectures in your own online course creation
Public speaking with confidence and in a clear and memorable manner
Professional Speakers Must Now Learn How to Deliver Keynotes Virtually if You Want Your Business to Survive Pandemics
Stronger Sales Skills to Help You Win More Business
Presentation Skills: Speak with confidence and get board members to understand and remember your key messages
Investing Presentations: Make investors remember key points about your business, why you are an attractive investment
Persuasion - You can connect with your audience emotionally as well as intellectually. You can Persuade your audience.
Public Speaking Mistakes: Don't let stumbles or memory lapses ruin your next presentation
Sales Skills: You can convert audiences who attend your free educational seminars into paying clients and customers
Public Speaking - Appear confident, relaxed and engaged no matter how many people are watching you
Presentation Skills - Make sure you come across confident and dignified on the big day
Effective Executive Public Speaking Skills - You can convey authority and confidence in every presentation
Public Speaking: present technical information in an understandable and memorable way, even to non-engineering audiences
Communication Skills - How to convey confidence and be memorable. You can be the star of every panel.
Learn all about One of the most Powerful Scripting Capability - PowerShell Functions
Learn File, Folder and Location Management With PowerShell - Practicing Field case examples, Scripts & Demos
Canva Mastery: Go from Basic Designs to Social Media Graphics, T-Shirts, Videos & Animations
Learn Python OOP and Improve Your Python Programming Skills by Writing Code That Is Readable, Modular, and Reusable
Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les cryptos, les altcoins, le bitcoin, les NFT, le DeFi, et le Metaverse
Créer un site Web à partir de zéro avec HTML et CSS dans un cours conçu pour vous faire passer de débutant à expert
Create web apps that are robust, quick, user-friendly, and responsive.
Apprenez à utiliser Bootstrap 5 pour créer des pages Web dynamiques
Étudier les collections NFT, les marchés NFT, les cas d'utilisation NFT, le NFT Minting, l'achat et la vente d'NFTs
Cours complet sur le Machine Learning pour maîtriser l'intelligence artificielle, Tensorflow, et les réseaux de neurones
Erfahren Sie mehr über NFT-Sammlungen, NFT-Marktplätze, NFT-Anwendungsfälle, NFT-Minting, NFT-Kauf, NFT-Verkauf
The A to Z Course to Mastering JavaScript
Learn how to utilize Bootstrap 5 to create amazing webpages
Maîtriser les bibliothèques Python pour la Data Science et le Traitement de Données: Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, et plus!
Basic Quality Management Fundamentals: Building the Foundation for Operational Excellence
Reduce waste and streamline value flow
Unlock Your Coding Potential: Prepare for a Fulfilling Programming Career
Delving into Web Scraping with Python: Beautiful Soup, HTML Parsing, CSS Selectors & Practical Projects
Next.js Mastery: Harnessing React, Advanced Routing, Seamless API Integration, and Web Optimization Strategies
Mastering React Native: JavaScript Essentials, Core Concepts, Styling Techniques, and App Navigation
Build from scratch a clean PHP 8.2 backend API based on scalable and powerful N-Tier architecture
Learn Everything you Need to Know, to Begin Using Adobe Illustrator CC like an Expert! (2 in 1 Illustrator Course)
Complete guide to Selling on Amazon Seller Central inc. FBA, FBM, Product Creation, Amazon PPC, Orders & Pricing
Learn how to Build and Grow your eBay Business for Dropship or Merchant Fulfilled
Amazon, eBay, Mailchimp Email Marketing, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Shopify - 15 Hours of Content
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