Advanced Embedded Systems with Arduino

The super simple beginner friendly course to learn all about Arduino and start creating interesting projects
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Created by Amit Rana

What you'll learn

  • Embedded Systems Programming with Arduino
  • Learn Arduino Microcontroller Board
  • Project Making with Arduino
  • Ultrasonic, Temperature , Humidity, Light, I2C, SPI, SD Card and many such interfaces with Arduino
  • Arduino Complete project Making
  • Experimenting with Arduino on hardware (Program downloading)
  • Experimenting Arduino without having hardware (on simulations)
  • Learn To use Input and Outputs of Arduino
  • Interfacing with real world devices like relay, switch, led’s and sensors
  • C programming for arduino
This course includes:
7 total hours on-demand video
1 articles
2 downloadable resources
65 lessons
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion

Course content


  • Strong desire to learn and have fun wit Arduino and embedded systems
  • Basic Understanding of Electronic Components


“Now includes a video on using chatgpt for Arduino code generation!!!!”

Note : Please go through all sample videos before enrolling, I’m getting negative reviews just because some people can’t understand my english. It hurts to see such feedback. Please enroll only if you’re comfortable with my language. Yes I am an Indian person and yes I have an accent. Although fluent and grammatically error free, yes there’s an accent part to it.

It takes lots of efforts to build a course, if its not worth your money, you can always take back your money, I request you to please not post negative feedback for wrong reasons

“I believe everyone can learn and excel in technologies with right tools and proper guidance. Hence I make these courses and 50% of all my courses is available for free preview, watch them, if you feel right, enroll!!! I hope you’d like this transparency!!!”

This is for Everyone interested in Arduino’s

I firmly believe that anyone, irrespective of experience, age or technical background can learn and experiment with technologies. With the single goal in mind, I’ve created this Course on Embedded Systems designing with Arduino.

And I also believe from my personal experience of more than a decade, that

LEARNING should not be LENGTHY!!!

My purpose is to get you started quickly with Arduino and start programming and making systems fast, with less learning and more experimenting. Hence the course is divided into small chunks which you can jump directly at any time and learn any particular module you’re interested in.

“What is there to loose if you enroll in this bestseller course? You have a 30 day Full Money Back Guarantee, enroll now and start experimenting on arduino”

Arduino is probably the number 1 microcontroller board used today in the world in a variety of industries, be it for prototyping the new product or just creating a hobby project for your home. Arduino is no 1 choice of many developers as well as hobbyists. And this course is to make you an expert in Arduino. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, an expert!!!

This course includes many interfaces starting from LEDs to I2C interface and memory card data logger. See a complete list below

This course is suitable for Everyone Including:

  • Complete Newbee’s in the amazing world of arduino’s

  • Arduino Hobbyists

  • Students

  • Working Professionals

  • Business Owners

“What is there to loose if you enroll in this bestseller course? You have a 30 day Full Money Back Guarantee, enroll now and start experimenting on arduino”

This is a complete course on learning Arduino Programming, interfacing and creating projects using Arduino with more than 30 different projects and tasks included with this course. Everything related to Arduino programming and connecting various interfaces with Arduino is covered in complete details, yet the course length is such that anyone can finish it within a single week.

This is a complete hand on driven course with more than 30 different programs/projects to be done throughout.

You can enroll and start experimenting with this course even if you do not have Arduino board!!!

Yes, I’ve included steps and instructions to use a free online simulator for Arduino where you can perform most of your programs, so if you don’t have Arduino board, or just planning to purchase, you can still enroll to this course, start learning and gather your hardware later.

List of Hardware Interfaces to learn

  • LEDs

  • Switches

  • Buzzer

  • Relay

  • DC Motor

  • Servo Motor

  • PWM

  • Analog Input

  • Voltmeter

  • Thermometer

  • Light Sensor

  • Temperature and Humidity sensor

  • Keypad Interfacing

  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

  • Serial port

  • Liquid Crystal Display

  • I2C

  • SPI

  • Real-Time Clock

  • Memory Card interfacing and data logger

  • Usage of EEPROM Memory.

You’re also going to learn about

  • How to use a breadboard

  • what’s the difference between C and Arduino’s C programming

  • Simulating Arduino using online tool

  • Project Making Tips

Support matters most!!!

“What is there to loose if you enroll in this bestseller course? You have a 30 day Full Money Back Guarantee, enroll now and start experimenting on arduino”

Whats the best use of learning anything like arduino? Creating projects isn’t it? That is exactly I wanted to do when I started learning electronics. It was not only my passion but also my full time profession. And I know the pain if there is no one to tell you, why your board got damaged, why the code is not being uploaded to the board. What to do with the relay chattering all the time? Why my sensor readings are not perfect and on and on, I’ve gone through them all and in a hard way, solved them. I don’t want that for you.

Because unlike other courses on Udemy, this course comes with a personalized instructor support. I’m always available to answer the questions and most questions are answered within couple of hours of posting and many times within an hour!!!

Anyone can not only learn but excel in arduino and hardware project making

Don’t get overwhelmed by the long list of interfaces to study. All of these are included to make you an expert in as little time as possible. Although it’s an advanced course, it’s equally applicable to everyone. Even if you’re a complete newbie who’s never done coding before or never seen or used Arduino, you can still join and start experimenting.

All the source codes are included in the download area of the respective lessons so that you can either try them yourself or just directly download them and start using.

I’ve been training and developing Arduino based systems for about 10 hours a day for more than 10 years, I’ve trained students from age 7 to 70 and have trained more than 10000 students from over 65+ countries. So when I say you can learn and excel in Arduino in the quickest possible time, I mean it.

Enroll now and start experimenting with Arduino!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals looking to sharpen Hardware skills
  • Students looking for help in their studies and project works
  • Hobbyists trying to develop next weekend project
  • Artists who’re trying to learn Arduino because of its simplicity and power to create amazing projects
  • Anyone who’s interested in Creating projects
  • School Students looking for Maker Skills
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