100 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills At Work guide

Assertive Communication Skills for Business & Social Life. Speak Confidently. Set Boundaries. Difficult conversations.
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What you'll learn

  • Learn body language to support your assertive verbal message.
  • How to be more assertive at work and in life!
  • Understand your natural communication style and know if you’re assertive or not.
  • Overcome your fears and limiting beliefs about being assertive.
  • Move from being a passive communicator to a confident, assertive communicator.
  • Disagree assertively and know how to react when somebody disagrees with you.
  • Speak confidently and become visible in group situations.
  • Be an engaging conversation partner in one-on-one conversations.
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Course content


  • A can-do attitude for personal and professional development
  • Printer to print out the coaching worksheets
  • Access to a computer to watch the videos


The most popular Udemy course for improving assertiveness is still the Assertive Communication Skills Masterclass. There is a cause behind this.

You CAN express your true thoughts and feelings to others, and you CAN establish boundaries when necessary. To do so successfully, you merely need to understand aggressive communication techniques.

For those who are more introverted in social circumstances, new managers, and emerging leaders, assertive communication is a crucial ability.

Knowing how to express yourself assertively allows you to say “no” without feeling bad, set boundaries to safeguard your time, priorities, and goals, clarify demands with clarity and assurance, and deal with unpleasant circumstances with ease.

Being domineering is not the goal of assertive communication. It involves taking charge of your life and communication. It enables you to speak openly and honestly with others around you. You will appear more genuine as a result of this.

This course will teach you how to

  • be more adamant

  • recognize your natural communication style and eliminate unproductive communication practices,

  • conquer your apprehensions about speaking up and being assertive,

  • get seen in noisy group settings,

  • communicate with each other and have private talks,

  • Utilize your body language to bolster your strong statement.

  • share your thoughts, desires, and feelings openly and honestly.

  • Make requests that are clear to your friends, family, and coworkers.

  • more effectively handle conflict and challenging talks,

  • gain more conviction in your judgment, and

  • Because you know how to guard your time, priorities, and goals, you can make your career and life less stressful.

Who this course is for:

  • People who have difficulty protecting their time, priorities and goals.
  • People going into a new job or team and want to establish assertive boundaries.
  • People who are fearful of speaking up assertively and need to overcome their fears.
  • People who are tired of being invisible or constantly interrupted in group situations.
  • People who are fearful of saying “no” and setting boundaries.
  • Passive communicators who want to speak more directly and honestly.
  • New managers who need to be more assertive with their team.
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